Garvey (ft. Bambu & Cavem Moetavation) (single)

by Molina Speaks




Cavem Moetavation Intro:
Jah know…
we teach them…
Molina we teach them…
DJ Cavem teach them…
That red, black and green movement we teach them…

Marcus Garvey was a publisher, journalist, orator, Black Nationalist entrepreneur
Garvey’s ghost in the blood of this nation of yours,
To lack knowledge of the past… a tree with no roots
Zapata, Nahua, revolutionary, mestizo, Morelos, “tierra o muerte”
Malcolm X born in Omaha, pimp, thug, drug dealer, liberate the mind, see the world much clearer
He taught himself in prison, broke every chain, died a free man, no hate in his brain
Howard Zinn was a teacher, a historian, People’s History flood through his pen
Delores Huerta, organizer, United Farm Worker, Huelga
Leader of the grape boycott, arrested over thirty times, la causa in mind,
30’s to the present, this is her life

Chorus (Molina & Cavem):
Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey), know your history
Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey), know your history
Look within your heart (heart), a king will be crowned (crowned),
Look within your soul (soul), a queen will be crowned
Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey), find strength in yourself
Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey), build wisdom and health
Stand with the people (people) through this storm we feel
Up ye mighty race accomplish what you will

Me gonna’ teach them, share them
Lesson from the sound, make a young man proud,
Make a young woman pound that concrete like a jackhammer
Demanding rights as a citizen, like Assata, Yuri, yep, Laila Khaled and them hear them
Study like a pop quiz tomorrow, the masses take charge, the leaders just follow
Hope, that’s beyond Barrack’s scope, real change, punchin’ holes in a ballet ain’t the same
Be like Bobby Hutton, Bobby Seale, Huey P, Reggie Fort
Sherman Fort, big man out in Oakland full force
To the subcommandante Marcos out in Chiapas, the sharing of the wisdom
and I’ ain’t been to college, but I do build with brothers on the ins,
who tell stories of the lessons from Tookie until his end
be it Marcus, information on the black market, disseminated by a Filipino rap artist


It’s 2020, no phony it ain’t the 60’s, 80’s like a blister, bloody up the system
Fuck bein’ a victim, time to twist ‘em, bishop take rook leave the whole world shook
It’s your vi-sion, disrpupting the di-vi-sion, da-yto-day mission, holographic fist up
Make it solid, I gotta organize the youth, force physical sound power but it’s gotta be more
In the school halls, group homes y La Escuela
Visit Corky’s school and the Inner City Parish
I’m with white dudes in black suits talkin’ money for youth
I’ll make a move to embrace the Public Enemy
“I like Nike but wait a minute, the neighborhoods are poor so put some money in it
The corporations owe, they gotta give up the dough to my town
Or else we gotta shut ‘em down
Shut Em Down bridge

Cavem Moetavation:
Yo, yo…
You can see at the protest, cathea and cammos
See me on the Eastside, just mobbin’ in sandals
See me in the B-Boy stance, rockin it
See me in the back of the club, boxin’ it
You can see me at The Spot, listenin to Serat
You can see me askin’ for peace, for too long we fought
See me sayin’ consume consciously
You can see me at the yardy with the herbal remedy
You can see me at the Brown Suga Fest naturally
You can see me standin’ free, Big Up to Garvey
You can see me on a Monday on a work day, you can see me leave a fat j in the ashstray
And that’s why ya cashed and ya just won’t see because you know you need your roots,
You got to show and prove
We build with the truth, that’s why we got the news like…

Cavem Moetavation Outro


released November 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Molina Speaks Denver, Colorado

“Molina may be the only MC in Denver who has transcended being boxed into any particular facet of the scene.” – Denver Post RVRB

“Things have changed, and every now and then, an artist puts their account of life’s changes into play, all over phat beats. Molina is that artist. A culturist who balances his revolutionary politics with his ability to rap like no other..." – Westword
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