No Translation, No Comment

by Molina Speaks



No Translation, No Comment
by Molina Speaks

1. No Translation (produced by Mikey Fresh)
2. Concerning the Case of the Disappearance of the Homeless; An Open Letter to the Mayor of Denver (beat by Boonie Mayfield)
3. Still a Blessing (beat by Boonie Mayfield, featuring vocals by Amadeo Miera and Melissa Ivey)
4. Everyday (beat by DJ Icewater)
5. Everybody (beat by DJ Icewater)
6. WAY BEYOND (beat by Babah Fly)

EP Mixed and Mastered by DJ Icewater
“No Translation” recorded by Mikey Fresh at Soul City Studios
All other tracks recorded by Role Pley at Late Nite Studios
Cover art by Karma Leigh

A special thank you to those who have contributed time, artistry, energy, inspiration, thoughts, prayers, curses, sound, sight, voices, ears, roadblocks, bridges, intentions, trust, strength, alma, purpose. You know who you are.

2014: We go way beyond.


released December 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Molina Speaks Denver, Colorado

“Molina may be the only MC in Denver who has transcended being boxed into any particular facet of the scene.” – Denver Post RVRB

“Things have changed, and every now and then, an artist puts their account of life’s changes into play, all over phat beats. Molina is that artist. A culturist who balances his revolutionary politics with his ability to rap like no other..." – Westword
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Track Name: No Translation
No Translation


Your words kick me sideways, staring through my rearview
Feel like I’m three blunts into my day
May as well be six shots in a deep haze
Darkest night highrise cruising down the freeway
I’m sober to touch, no breakfast, no lunch
Dreams caffeine rush, driving cars they fade
Median blur my face, soul crashing with time
I walk a fine line with death, a bird on a wire
I’m a gunman for hire, flow swallow your fire
I’m a poet with a chip tooth, call me a liar
Burn the truth in your eyes, testing every desire
Stomp your alleyways a hood ghost stayin’ alive
Already died twice, I got the scars to prove it
Got a few screws loose I test in the booth
One microphone bitch I ain’t got nuthin 2 lose
Every poem for the unborn, the rest is for you it’s true


You cannot translate the sun or banging heat from a gun
You cannot translate the silent screams piercing your sun
You cannot translate the moon when daughters are scorned
You can only write a song to heal spirits that morn
My people feel the pain rooted deep, history’s ghost
Speak dope to the beat, let it clear throats
This ain’t hope nor hopeless, this ain’t show
This the knife carving out every doubt you sew
A flow to swallow all your losses, invisible mouth
A marathon song that run strong through all of your towns
I’m the sliver in your tongue you never translate
Your mindstate—the lust in your love and your hate
I’m the fate of your lies, through exposure they die
The rebirth at dawn… yawn… open your eyes
I’m the lime in your tequila glass to soften your smile
I’m your angels and the demons sent to keep you alive (this life)
Track Name: Homeless in Denver
Concerning the Case of the Disappearance of the Homeless; An Open Letter to the Mayor of Denver

I wanna talk to the mayor
cuz the governor
And the president feel outta my reach
(I hope that you ain’t outta my reach…)


Dear Mr. Mayor, I’d like to write you to inform you
Of a situation I’ve encountered here in your city
See here in my city it’s getting really cold
I’m talking freezing toes, zero temperatures
And I’m concerned sir… about the homeless
If they ain’t disappeared seems there’s nowhere to go
I don’t know if you know, but I think that you do
That poor folk in your city are getting the iron boot
It seems it all started in the fall of Occupy
When You were elected to be Our Guy
I mean Our city, not the Big Money coming in
But Occupy was crushed, and then we saw a camping ban
Cleaning up downtown for business but erase the faces
Of characters who put Soul in historic places
Now fences wrap around Maestas Park and Sonny Lawson
Where poor people stay (Denver Rescue Mission)



Before the first frost I was shooting hoops, Curtis Park
With my ten year old sun, then the cops come
It was Saturday, it was broad day yes
They issued warnings… to everybody looking homeless
I mean just looking poor, can you imagine that?
Time to show your papers in Jim Crow land
I try be a man, explain this to my sun
Who loves Dr. King so he too got a Dream
I’m breaking down things, then the cops circle back
Enforcement roll in thicker, now they’re there to issue tickets
My heart is feeling sicker, it’s time to leave
My sun says “Dad, I will never be police”


Denver Post, they write reports about the homeless
Prostitutes and drug dealers on them Park Ave corners
But Mr. Mayor, I have to write to inform you
I know some rich folks buying sex and drugs too
And me, I like sippin’ wine and eating good food
Don’t make a lot of money but I love to travel too
And now and then… I even dress like you
Once in a blue moon I rent me a really fancy suit
It’s true so this ain’t out of disrespect for you
But how bout policies that show respect for the poor
For the homeless, for the workers, as Denver’s rearranging
People disappearing—gentrification


Maybe I write to you sir cuz I’ve been cold between homes
But I got a car and friends and I made some ends
I’m close again to being in my own building
A new apartment, I’ll outfit it with some Goodwill
And I don’t write you as activist, nor an artist
Everybody know there ain’t no dough in being conscious
Those days long gone, and so is Civics
Those days of Occupy… something to remember
Diversity of Denver I don’t want to miss it
Poor folk, bi-racial couples, refugees and immigrants
Thank you for your prompt attention, Denver resident
Signed “Concerned Citizen”, Thank You for listening

Outro Chorus:

I wanna talk to the mayor
cuz the governor
and the president feel outta my reach
(sir I hope that you ain’t outta my reach)
(I really hope that you ain’t out of my reach)

I wanna talk to the mayor
you asked for my vote
and now I’ll take a moment to speak
(you asked for my vote, you gave me some hope)
(now I’ll take a moment to speak)


There are times my sun when somebody needs to speak
and that speaker, it may be you
yes it may be you…
Track Name: Still A Blessing
Still a Blessing

You are my…

This beat is magical
Like this could be trust
Like this could be dreams
Like this could be us


But that ain’t the feeling, and that ain’t the will
And it isn’t just you, you think of the pill
You think of the condom, you see it all wrong
You wish it was right, you know that it’s not
You think of the sex, or you think of the lack of it
How did this happen? And why ain’t you passionate?
From your first words you couldn’t imagine it
And your actions? How could you fashion this?
You were so careful with this, or maybe you were reckless
But either way you both affected how can you correct this?
Now it’s pain in every message crossed, feel the love is lost
Calculate the costs… the cash is last
It’s fast— the stress and doubt of steady climbing up this mountain
And every second count in every blessing you ain’t counting
Alarming and it’s sounding Loud, your chest is pounding
Taller walls surround you, now your eyes are fountains
You take one last look at that test, you know the rest is a mess
Cuz neither choice is the best but life got real today
Say what you gotta say, pick up the phone
Now you’re off to the clinic god you feel so alone


Now the clock is ticking and you feel the plot is thickening
It’s sickening the strain you feel in how the pace is quickening
What’s said is what was said, now it swelters you head
And if wasn’t there it’s there now and there’s no way you can bend
There’s so few you can talk to, there’s nowhere you can turn
You face the burn inside your heart in lessons you will learn
Your name is called and it’s your turn, the clinic feel ridiculous
Or maybe you’re at home cuz there was no way you could witness this
Do you have a last wish? Or is this…
The logical finish… to this twist?
Will it be the pill? Or let the doctor take it all?
Do you take the drugs? Or do you feel it all?
And if you ever thought… time had moved too fast
Brace yourself, slow down, no future, no past
There’s only now, This moment, stop and look within
You can find healing still just be real and you feel everything


This song is written for the spirit sons and spirit daughters
Lifting curses from your spirit mamas and your spirit fathers
Lift the hurt from all the words that scarred already brokenhearted souls
Smoldered heavy through the pain and lonely moments
This is for a lotus, this is for a seed
This is for a rose, this is for a weed
This is for a Lemon Star, a planted Amaryllis bulb
This is like the jaguar mask I colored on the day you passed
Supreme visions of great ones in my darkest night
This is for my brighter days, all the ways you make me smile
This is for our conversations, for your love and patience
I know that you’re listening, I’m grateful that I witnessed this
I count the blessings that you brought, blessings you will bring
In every dream that lives inside the life that you have shown to me
Reality reminders every death I have been forced to see
The delicate balance this existence you have shown to me
This is for the tree of life, this is for the water
Every cycle spiral suns, mothers, fathers, daughters
This is not goodbye my star, much beyond a hello
Just a yellow moment to remind us of the heavens
Another moment that a human got to learn to live with
Peace through Resolution, peace through Recognition
I cannot pretend… that I do not see your essence
I cannot pretend… that I do not feel your presence
I cannot pretend… I do not your see face inside the faces
That I’m blessed to interact with on a daily basis
You are not a dark secret, you are not a lonely scar
I’d rather celebrate you living deep inside my heart
So I’ll let you live in spirit, and I will let me live
Thank you for reminding me reality is medicine
Thankful for the understanding of my truest friends
I will color with you every year on the days of the dead

You’re still a blessing
And it may take time…

But You gotta talk about it brother, you gotta
You gotta talk about it sister, you gotta
You gotta talk about it brother, you gotta
You gotta talk about it sister
Track Name: Everyday

Everyday, Every single day
Everyday, Every single day

Verse I:

Lately, I been wakin’, middle of a day dream…
Thinking bout my paper, bills stack the table…
Rip up all them paper, can you get me faded….
Tell me bout the legends of the dreamers who have made it, ah
I’m a facelift… to my own faceless…
vision of the day inside the day I’d never take it, nah
My life is sacred… my life is sacred
Every page my novel I’m no longer scared to face it

Verse II:

Lately, I wake screams, middle of these night dreams
Thinking bout the inseams, I scheme the highbeams
You know all I’ve seen, rather hit by lightning
Than rehash all the drama of the season past that I scream
I fiend what I see, believe what you be
I see the icing… that I sing… when I swing
from sightings of my dreams that flash even a chance
of everything I’m writing, this new life—exciting

Wake to my yawn I take to the dawn and start my morning proper like
Say my grace to the sun gon’ rise and the light it bring my swollen eyes
Touch my face, say amen that I slept through the night, brought back to life
Size my day, roll out my bed, look outside then I drop to my mat
Stretch my limbs, feel my breath, lower my chest feel the power in my fists
Lead with my heart, fresh new start, water drink my body clean
Thank my home, put on my clothes, I’m out the door to meet the dream
Drink my coffee doing my work, it’s the simple things that make G’s work

Speak to the day I lean in a way my vision say that I should move
Intuition, I’m in a groove, I prove myself through the life I choose
Use my smarts, hustle hard, trust myself to define my god
When I walk, head to the sky, greet the people eye to eye
I’m inside the rhymes that I write I’m living free outside the lines
I am time, I am space, say my grace with the food I make
Give and take, trust and faith, night engulf the day I made
It gets late, close my eyes, thank the stars for the bricks I laid
Track Name: Everybody


This is a feeling, I know you feel it
A really big feeling, I know you in
So we sit in it, losses, winnings
There ain’t no start nah, there ain’t no finish
There’s only hustle and these fast lanes it’s insane
There’s only fast moments, fast cars and heroine
Weed liquor pills dollar bills, and short attention
Speak the human condition, my only intention

Everybody feel it
Everybody hungry
And they chasin’ like a million
(you feel it)
Everybody feel it
Everything feel it

Everybody runnin’
Everybody feelin’
like the barrel of a gun
Done runnin’
Every everybody


I just want a million, that ain’t much
Not in these times, not the way they squeeze minds
I bet that you don’t know, not a single soul
Who ain’t got a big plan tell you they gon blow
So they could blow (blow) all that big dough
Do it like the big screen, a really big show
That don’t show nothing that you ever touchin’
Nothing that will make you function that’s why everybody frontin’
Like they don’t feel it like they don’t see it coming
But I’m a tell you something, I’m here and I ain’t running
Until I’m out there running in a game that feel like hunger
I’m a bless you and ya mutha with a song that’s more than money
Like I’m flowin’ for a million even if it’s in my mind
Never want or need that fame, nah I’m feeling fine
Cuz I set these small goals, I kill it every time
Making music with my homies and I’m a do it til I die (love)


Bloody, these poems I flow, this is moment I know
I’m out in the cold, there’s nowhere to go
But I’m a rider… I’m surviving
I’m striving… I’m climbing
Right on time with these lines for your sour lime
I mean your dark mind, I bring you sunshine
I bring you rain drops until your pain stops
I send you pictures for the wishes in your brain
Through your shakes and your brakes so you feel sane
You should not feel shame, I know your real name
The Blue Planet, the most beautiful thing
Can be a cold dream, I know why you had to go there
But now you’re back and you’re back for good
Let this song be a gun you tuck in your back
If you ever doubt self, pull it out aim it at the world
Just to let it know that you home, and you fuckin’ know
Track Name: WAY BEYOND
Way Beyond


Baby girl you got a fly ass, make me wanna spend cash
I know you ain’t like that, make me wanna wife that
You know who you is gurl, I like that
You should tat my lines on your body I would like that
Shorty I’ll be right back, gotta smack putos
Mo Speaks da ruler, the other rappers pseudo
Skinny ass Chicano flexin like I sumo
Fuck ya whole scene, shouts out ta Yuzo

I’m the OG M.C. impervious to failure
Mo Speaks, I defies what they tells ya
That goes wide fo professas and dumb rocks
Pop you sub tweetas in my mouth like gum drops
Vomit rap shit up, ya taste suck…
You waste a lot of time, I write a lot of rhyme
Pull up to the venue—another show (show)
Everybody play they role, play ya role

Mechanical, I’m a CANNIBAL
But I don’t eat rapper foos I can’t stomach you or stand you
Ain’t here to reprimand you, or school you
I ain’t Zulu, just a cholo schemin’
Ya gun raps easy and I ain’t talkin’ Eazy
My mind an itchy trigga finger squeezin’ at these divas
My Flow got a long neck barrel bustin’ dreams
My Metaphors is mack tens dustin’ off ya wings

Dranks pourin
Pills poppin
Blunt smokin

Bottles poppin
Hot or not
Got a glock

Spendin’ cash
Phone apps
Fat ass

Model facelift
S class whip
Got a bad bitch

Got swag
Poppin’ tags

Rollin’ kush
Sneakers swoosh
Obama Bush


Stone cold killa every beat producer hand me
Bang my shit on repeat like that repeat shit on B.E.T.
You can rep me Denver city gritty rep Molina
I got you, I got you… high… like reefer
Jump in my two seater, pilot running over meters
Planting bombs in the speaker boxes of the nonbelievers
I’m the Cuban Revolution you Julius Ceaser
Going nutso like I’m Yeezus… I don’t snort no coke

Write a rhyme for every rap critic tweet that you post
Write a song for every boast I take you for jokes
I’m the boss never lost, I floss a different echelon
Fuck ya tv screen, pseudo pop Decepticons

I’m from the planet Shityounot, ain’t on that shit you on
Sniff you out, shit on you, I aint leave no residue
Not celebate from smoke but I waste no blunts
Only time I’m lighting up is when a playa tryna fuck
Colorado hip-hop I raise the bar high
Only thing I’m poppin is yo head til I die
The Artist Revenge, Off wit yo head, a challenge:
BE PROLIFIC, check my resume now who da Pimp?

Dranks pourin
Pills poppin
Blunt smokin

Bottles pop
Hot or not
Got a glock

Spendin’ cash
Phone apps
Fat ass

Model facelift
S class whip
Got a bad bitch


See me wit a white girl, see me wit a black girl
Neither one a bitch playa that just how a playa feel
This a drug deal… a really big pill
Can you swallow real mama tell me how you really feel
This is skill, I said this skill
This is skill, I said this skill
I say the same words, same words
same words, so ya heard

This is bird talk, stop it let the party rock
Rockin til the party stop, party rockin’ all night long
You can bump it on ya phone, phone, phone,
You can have a lot of fun, fun, fun,
Fifth Element still relevant fatter than an elephant
You can vote Molina Speaks for President
This ain’t ol skool… this ain’t new skoo…
This ain’t tru skoo…
This just how The Poet do…