Color Blind (ft. Ill Se7en & Lannie Shelton) (single)

by Molina Speaks & DJ Icewater



Color Blind
produced by DJ Icewater

written and performed by Molina Speaks and Ill Se7en
violin by Lannie Shelton
graphic design by Felicia Follum

written and recorded in solidarity with protests against police violence, murder and aggression against unarmed citizens worldwide


Verse I (Molina Speaks):

Burning tonight, beyond computer screens
Talking heads, HD live streams, no apologies
On red man’s land to the black hands that raised a child
Taken by a racist badge and gun
Flash backs
Black man brutally beaten on video, a circle of cops
Gavel drops, they all acquitted, city of fame is inflamed
Up in flames
41 shots to the mainframe of Diallo
Infamously innocent cops
Race courts
Play sick games with black lives lost
Calculate the costs
Corporate living killing the poor
No apologies
White Elephants still want more
A sick spectacle of tv, a lack of sincerity
America, you are embarrassing me
Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown
Add to that list countless Browns
You will never know their names
On Indian land justice a sham in the shadow of fame

Verse II (Ill Se7en):

We started feeling like we ain’t got a voice
A visible demand
Like we’re not quite a person by the standard of a bullet
Intimidate a cop he might pull the trigger real quick
It’s sick
Living in the politrix my eyes turn blind
And my race too
How you telling me that killing isn’t racial?
With my profile and the style that I dress
Got a club to the head and a foot to the chest
While I guess I’m just trippin’ though
Like Oscar Grant
Another victim of color blind individuals
It’s like the ritual’s habitual
While we running backwards through time
Black Face you shine
Protesting in the streets while mama’s is crying
Brothers is losing they mind
Killing us one at a time
Color in America’s becoming a crime
While we Kaleidoscope our hope over time


You are not colorblind it’s time to stop lying
There is color in the iris of the eyes of child
There is beauty in the lens of the light that you shine
You are not colorblind there’s racism here
Stop Lying

You are not colorblind, you are not colorblind
Why would you want to be blind?
You are not colorblind
You are not colorblind

Verse III (Molina Speaks):

Too many Trails of Tears
Wounded Knees, too many families
Dislocated, separated, deported, truth is distorted
False media profits off fear, division of race
They spread hate across the screen
Flash lies in front your face
Stop blaming the oppressed, take a risk
Stand for justice
Play a role in the progress of the spirit
There is beauty in the spectrum
We can sing pretty songs
But not until the colorblind stop and admit
Something is wrong

Violin solo (Lannie Shelton)

graphic art by Felicia Follum


released December 13, 2014




Molina Speaks Denver, Colorado

“Molina may be the only MC in Denver who has transcended being boxed into any particular facet of the scene.” – Denver Post RVRB

“Things have changed, and every now and then, an artist puts their account of life’s changes into play, all over phat beats. Molina is that artist. A culturist who balances his revolutionary politics with his ability to rap like no other..." – Westword
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