Build 2020 Manifesto

by Molina Speaks



Build 2020 Manifesto is a People's History of the Future. This is a chapter-by-chapter book-on-tape cut to hip-hop and glitch beats. The project centers on three key themes: Technology, Sustainability, Humanity. Molina spent considerable time in 2010 researching the future. He did so by studying the past, studying present trends, and exploring future projections by governments, corporations, banking institutions, technology giants and technocrats. This project was first released in February 2011. Despite compelling reviews from the Denver Post and others, many found the material too radical, too alarming, too weird. Now, as time continues to speed up, the content becomes more relevant and digestible. Man continues to merge with machine as people spend more time with technology; this creates profound social, cultural, interpersonal and political concerns. Meanwhile, sustainability and climate change issues are coming to the forefront of global policy initiatives. As a TedX Fellow who spoke on Hip-Hop Futurism and performed a live rendition of Build 2020, Molina Speaks re-releases the project in 2014, with the promise of more Art that redefines “futurism”.

Credits: Written by Molina Speaks. Hip-Hop beats by Diles, Glitch beats by HipGNosis. Vocals recorded by Will Ross. Album produced by DJ Icewater. Visual art by Dustin Neal.


“I don’t like to think in terms of dichotomies; I’m very much a gray area person. But we’re marching toward this point where there’s a fork in the road, and we’re either gonna walk in the direction of freedom or we’re gonna be enslaved.” - Molina

Comments from Denver Post Reverb review of Build 2020 Manifesto:

"He’s a hip-hopper who says what he means and means what he says. But Molina’s latest project — available for streaming and download exclusively from Reverb — is bigger than hip-hop. “Build 2020 Manifesto” is just what it’s name implies — an urgent call to people of all ages to take charge of our own futures before someone else does. And we can pretty much guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like it."

"Molina looks to past socially progressive movements — like Black Power, the American Indian movement, the Chicano movement, the struggle for women’s rights and others — for proof that focused, intentional people can create positive change. But he also embraces the modern context of today’s movement."

"Though “Build 2020 Manifesto” draws on the conventions of political speeches and the rhetorical style of authors like Howard Zinn (Molina even calls the project “a people’s history of the future,” in homage to the influential scholar) and Noam Chomsky, it also uses elements of hip-hop, techno and industrial music to make its point. There’s no rapping on this album, except, perhaps, in the Gil Scott-Heron sense... Meanwhile, the musical foundation of 'Build 2020' — created by hip-hop producer Diles, experimental electronic artist HipGnosis and DJ Icewater (check back next week for more about their contributions) — serves both as a familiar entry point and a chilling underscore for Molina’s well-constructed and compelling thesis."

++Check out the spoken word video chapbook by Molina, digital diary to the future, BRONZE FUTURE: LETTERS FOR 2045 @


released March 11, 2011



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Molina Speaks Denver, Colorado

“Molina may be the only MC in Denver who has transcended being boxed into any particular facet of the scene.” – Denver Post RVRB

“Things have changed, and every now and then, an artist puts their account of life’s changes into play, all over phat beats. Molina is that artist. A culturist who balances his revolutionary politics with his ability to rap like no other..." – Westword
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