Greatest Rapper Never Heard

by Molina Speaks



Molina Speaks

Molina’s new album – Greatest Rapper Never Heard – is an Artistic Commentary on American consumerism and the cult of ego. This 23 track concept album balances revolutionary creativity, grit, and lyrical depth with comedy, satire, and the sex appeal of pop culture. Greatest Rapper Never Heard features the Black Actors Guild. The album is mixed and mastered by DJ Icewater.

Additional features include Bambu, Cavem Moetavation, Josh Lee, Zay Rios, Laron An@n Coleman and Tanya Salih, Beats by DJ Icewater, Boonie Mayfield, Man Mantis, Selko, Babah Fly, Eighty Spadez and An@mute (Portugal).

Official online release: Independence Day 2013
Official physical release and Album Release Party: August 30, 2013

Produced by Molina Speaks and DJ Icewater
Mixed and mastered by DJ Icewater
Recorded at CHiTT Productions Studios, Late Night Studios, Cherry Sound Studios, The Blasting Room, and Future Classic Studios


released July 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Molina Speaks Denver, Colorado

“Molina may be the only MC in Denver who has transcended being boxed into any particular facet of the scene.” – Denver Post RVRB

“Things have changed, and every now and then, an artist puts their account of life’s changes into play, all over phat beats. Molina is that artist. A culturist who balances his revolutionary politics with his ability to rap like no other..." – Westword
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Track Name: Miss Everything
Miss everything
You lookin’ so damn fly
shake it for me, go head and shake it for me
show me everything, anything, plenty thing…

Miss everything, your body’s everything
Your legs, your waste, your hands give you everything
Face is everything, you know you’re everything
your taste, your sex, your soul’s craving everything

Face it
She’s everything
Sun, moon, and the stars, she flirt with everything

She running everything
Sex is everything, she know she everything

Beyond anything
Your money’s nothing, her love could you everything

She’ll give you everything
Pleasure and the aches, how to cope’s on you

You could be my little Ethiopia, my cornucopia
Eloping the – midnight sky into an orchestra
That you could shake it to
shimmy shimmy…
Gimme some of that true blue and that ocean too
You could be my Salvador Brazil, bahia
Espana, Granada… my West Coast chill
My Xalapa, Oregon Portland rain
My Key West sunset, Miami sunrise again
You could be my Rocky Mountain air, my Glacier Lake
My Brooklyn Bridge, my soul’s desert escape
My God, Oshun, My voodoo
Black Magic Woman fill my garden with roots

It ain’t just you, it’s everything around you
Everything is Everything reflectin’ the truth
Miss everything, ain’t just you
Its everything you do and do, cuttin’, getting’ me loose

I wanna see you, freak ya, Puerto Rique ya (mamacita)
And I ain’t even Boriqua
I lust you like a bee suck nectar
like greek salad need feta
like a mouse chase cheddar
like Common needs sweaters
prisoners need letters
like a bestfriend necklace needs forever
Ya girls need gossip like a rat need malls…

I’ll be ya shopping spree, be your mirror and all
cuz when the faking of the fake get too much fake
wanna take it off, makeup, pumps, purse, and face
Say it’s cool when the truth is ya oven is red hot
Let’s cruise out the shitty mitty where the sun pop
We’ll sit on a rock, absorb its body, mind spirit talk
Wind cleanse root chakras, crown and the heart
Feel the pulse of the stars hid by light of the day
Let it give way to dusk, dark shoot em away
to where time give way to space, feel the slow of the pace
trees dance, clouds hover, watch em shift take shape
water ripple with a dimple, reflectin’ the landscape
breathe in then out, air soften your face,
feel the roots in your feet, words strengthen your faith

They can’t do that for ya xxia but you already know
Miss anything, everything, Nothing could be you
But you need the right eyes to see you

Miss everything
Time is everything
Timing is everything...
Track Name: That Swag (ft. Tanya Salih)
Verse I:

Excuse me as I kiss the sky
Mo Speaks 2 a new brand of fly
No co-sign, no coke lines
Scorpio sign, on my own high
I rarely drink, on that Superthink
Like good sex, a feel good fiend
I can smoke weed, but that dopamine
I’m on cloud nine just being me
Free, successful - banging instrumentals
Banging body, soul temple, going home to feed my mental…
That mean my lady, my game crazy
Miss Everything wanna have my baby
Homey getting paid following a dream
Always put community before the cream
Young G on the block comin’ up, said “from nuthin”
Grown now, real talk, really doing something


Peep game
U babe
Your sway
Babe you got that swag (that swag)
Fresh lane
New name
Game change
Boy you got that swag (that swag)

Verse II:

Heyyyyyy queen, let me ‘duce you to my limousine―
Spokes n’ handlebars I peddle like a king
Got my own thing, what could I ask fo?
Hella books on the shelves of my castle
No GMOS, no assholes
They hopeless, I’m on hope’s list
Eat a lil fish, very little meat
Record spits over sick ass beats
I’m the number one contender, ain’t nobody do it better
Every breath get you wetter, every word a love letter
On that health level, so I’m feeling fine
That mean I look good, lady I ain’t lyin
I’m a green chef, I cook you something divine
We can laugh n’ toast Time with a glass of red wine
I’m a fly mu fu don’t you ever doubt it
I don’t watch TV and I don’t talk about it
Track Name: Colorado Hip-Hop Pt. 2 (ft. Josh Lee)
Mountain West air
Feels like you’re out in space sometimes
But the Earthship is landing

No need to take back back…

Can I get some boom bap (boom bap)
Boonie Mayfield – You like that

Can I get some Es Nine
Colorado rap – in it’s prime

Can I get some Ru Black
Denver hip-hop – Adore that

Denver city girl – u smoking hot
I call that Mikahn

This bato in the zone now, it’s goes on
Semi-arid desert spring, flow just getting warm
Killa bees bout to swarm, another summer
Ichiban numero uno supa soul stunna
Never gettin’ dumba, neva eva gettin dumba
Goin dumb like a humma, not in Colorado


Denver the GOAT (all time)
The city of smoke (all the time)
The mountains our coast (so I coast )
Colorado …. so dope
Live Bait in every club
Brown Sugar that what you love
Produce Section I Shop
Greatest Rapper don’t stop
Them bills is due so I grind
Sunsrise I cruise that Sky
One microphone I shine
Future Classic I rhyme

Northside gentrified so they call it Highlands
You feel the disappearance of the Ice Cream man
Mexica rollin’ down South Fed
Little Vietnam and Lakota Indian
6th Ave to the West Side (West side)
La Alma got that brown pride (black pride)
South Broadway, Cap Hill, Downtown hipsterfied
Eastside stayin’ hood, Park Hill stayin’ hood
5 Points tested, Harlem a da West kid
Going Green Living Bling, that’s the homey Ietef
Youth on Record got next, Slam Nuba cut heads
Xencs Wing earrings, Karma Leigh necklace
Check this, white, black and brown in fact
Lotta cats don’t like your rap if it don’t sound Black (wack)
Be what it is Stan, I’m Chicano man
Mane Rok know da math, chillin in Aztlan fam
Rap fans, check for ya town
I say rep where you at, and I’m just a transplant jack
Shout out to Wyo, shout out New Mexico
And the four corners and la raza down in Arizona


Shouts out…

[Solo by Josh Lee]